October 2012 archive


Gorgeous Redhead Model

Strolling down Tornabuoni Street in Florence, which is filled with high end shops and cafe’s I spotted this stunning redhead model on the side of a building.   And, our very own Jessica Chastain for a Sephora ad in Florence. Read more…


Freckle Removal

Intense pulsed light therapy, known as “IPL” is a non-invasive laser treatment used for freckle removal, collagen boosting or to even out dark patches on the skin. It can be done on the face, the chest and the back. Most women do face and chest. Part of the healing process is a coffee grind like […] Read more…


Red Hair and Freckles

Who says red hair AND freckles are not beautiful? Remember, sexy is in your attitude, and this girl definitely knows what she was born with. Notice the color pastels in her bikini. Color!!     Read more…