May 2013 archive


Stitch Fix #3

Wow, wow, wow, wow. Kept four out of five items. Why do I say wow four times? Because I don’t know that I would have chosen these items myself as obvious pieces to have in my wardrobe. Something about the way the colors went together, the gold and white of the necklace, the shade of […] Read more…


Nina Murtel Bag

Sometimes you just need a bag that will go with almost everything. I wore this Nina Murtel bag to a day wedding with a cobalt blue dress and it won the bag of the day. The beads caught the sunlight and shimmered beautifully, and the inside is lined with hot pink satin. It looks like […] Read more…


Lipstick colors for Redheads

Just in case I have not drilled this into your heads already, redheads can wear very bright lipstick tones. It really depends on the color of your skin and dare I say, the quality of your lips. Some of this is age related. Nothing worse than lipstick sinking into wrinkles or the feathery look…. so […] Read more…