June 2013 archive


Eyelash Extensions

In the age of Latisse, which works very well by the way, the question is which one do you choose? Latisse or eyelash extensions? Latisse takes 4-8 weeks before you start to see your lashes grow, and grow they will. If you are someone who doesn’t mind putting on mascara, which you will probably still […] Read more…


Chan Luu Look Alike Bracelets

Check out these Chan Luu look alike bracelets on Etsy. I just fell in love with the green and aqua beaded and the wrap around style, the perfect accessory to any outfit. They also come in various colors. For a redhead, you can wear all of these colored beads and they will like good against […] Read more…


Auburn Hair

There is a lot of debate over whether or not auburn hair is considered a red hair. I thought you might find some amusement in the following urban dictionary quote which describes the color auburn vs. a ginger. No doubt from our South Park folks. Ginger Someone with flaming red hair, pale white skin, and lots […] Read more…