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Clear Hair Gloss

Red hair can sometimes look dry and dull, especially on the ends. If you need a quick shine, try John Freda luminous clear hair gloss. A lot of reviews I read said that it’s drying, and I don’t disagree. I tried it for 20 minutes on dry hair (or you can use it after conditioner […] Read more…


Shimmering Lotion

Sparkle redhead! Shimmering lotion is a great way to give your skin a little something extra for those evenings out in the cold Winter. Try putting it on your legs, shoulders or chest for that subtle glow that is really barely noticeable. It gives your skin the appearance it’s been kissed by the sun, but […] Read more…


Palm Springs Getaway

Few things are more fun than flying from SFO to LAX, renting a car and driving the two hours for a Palm Springs getaway. You can fly direct, but it’s cheaper this way and you will need/want a car anyway. Visit the Cabazon Outlets on the way there. 48750 Seminole Drive #100 Cabazon, CA 92230 […] Read more…


Strawberry Blond

  I love this model’s style of strawberry blond with coral lipstick. This is nearly the perfect shade of red, but hard to achieve. I also like the side swept style.   Read more…


Red Lipstick on Redheads

    For major drama against white skin choose a red that really pops. Make sure you use a lip liner to avoid feathering.   Read more…


Red Lipstick on Redheads

I keep harping on this subject, and will continue to find examples and photos of redheads with bright red lipstick. If your skin is pale, you can go even more bright red/shocking. This color is Kate Moss Kiss of Life number 111, bought at my local Walgreens.   Read more…

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