February 2015 archive


Redhead in Gold

What is it about a redhead in gold that draws us out of our cage like raging starved hungry lions? Gold, silver, money. But, it’s more than that. This is a true story. When I was in high school, a guy who sat behind me in Spanish class would pull some of my golden stray […] Read more…


Do Guys Like Redheads?

For redheads who grew up hating their ginger hair, because blondes have more fun and all, did you ever wonder… do guys like redheads? It depends on the redhead I suppose. We’ve all heard the blanket statement “I like blondes” or “I like brunettes” but when it comes to redheads, the general response is “It depends on […] Read more…


Questions for Redheads

Do you have questions for redheads that you’ve been dying to ask? Well, I do. In fact, when I meet a redhead, I have a zillion questions and I’m quite curious if they have heard the same things I have my entire life. Turns out, Janelle, my new friend who happens to be a ginger, had […] Read more…