Can redheads wear red?

They did it, and you can too. If you have had my experience, you were told your whole life to stay away from reds. Can redheads wear red? I say yes, and arguably, they wear it better than anyone else.

The theory is, and it’s a silly theory is that it might clash with your hair. I think the logic was too much red is overbearing, instead of the logic that you are a stunner… so be even more stunning. Don’t hide behind the greens and browns.

I admit, there are some reds I like more than others. I tend to like the deeper reds instead of the reds on the orange side, but I’ve seen them both on gingers and they are equally gorgeous. This is a shade that has more of an orange tone in it.


This is a deeper red, and I love this dress because it also shows enough skin to offset the deep tomato color. Honestly? You would be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous color on her!


What I love about these three examples is they all have a very different shade of red. The first is a very bright red, second strawberry blonde and lastly (below) on the darker/auburn side.