Freckle Removal

Intense pulsed light therapy, known as “IPL” is a non-invasive laser treatment used for freckle removal, collagen boosting or to even out dark patches on the skin. It can be done on the face, the chest and the back. Most women do face and chest.

Part of the healing process is a coffee grind like appearance which is often hard to describe. You will see this almost immediately after the redness disappears (day one) and they will get darker in the next 2-3 days. Generally, it takes 10 days before your skin is totally back to normal.

I’m a huge fan of this treatment.

IPL before treatment. A lot of sun damage here that will take on a much smoother appearance once treatment is complete. I may do 2-3 treatments. We’ll see how the first goes.

IPL about 6 days after treatment. In another 4 days or so these dark spots  and streaking appearance will be gone.

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