Hate your Freckles? Look Here.

If your face is covered in freckles, my suggestion to you is not to attempt to cover them up. You will just look as though you are masking them and no matter how good the quality is of the foundation, or the powder your skin will look dull. Most sales people at the make-up counter will attempt to cover them, because that’s how they have been trained.

First off, we are taught that freckles are unattractive and should be erased, but this is just another example of the negative “ugly redhead” stereotype. I can remember a time when I was a child and absolutely hated my freckles. My beautiful Scottish aunt with dark hair got full of freckles in the summertime. She absolutely loved them. She would say “Freckles are fresh and cute lookin’!”¬†There are some who would die to have freckles, and some who absolutely hate having them. No matter what category you fall into, don’t succumb to the pressure. Leave them be, show them off.

If you are covered in freckles, play up your other features such as big beautiful eyes, or full lips, or high cheekbones.

Here are some examples of stunning women with freckles.

Do you think she hates her freckles? I think not.