Coral Dress for Red Hair

The argument goes like this. “Redheads should not wear bright colors. It clashes with their hair.”

Here is my response to that. It depends. Try it on. If the color makes you feel good, you feel pretty wearing it and it seems to brighten your complexion, the color of your eyes or makes your legs looks longer, waist slimmer, whatever, then I say go for it. Believe me, no one is going to look at you and think that it does not match your hair, particularly if its flattering!

I stumbled across this dress on Modcloth. I usually don’t do well with this waistline. I don’t have an accentuated waistline or a particularly long torso, and so I thought it was a long shot.

One reviewer said it’s not really coral, but pink. I totally disagree. This was about as coral as coral gets and it is one of my favorite colors on a redhead. And I did not think it looked cheap at all, but well made.

I’m 5.6″ and weigh 130 pounds, and I’m a size 6. I went for the small but it’s too snug, uncomfortably so. The medium is perfect. I loved this dress so much I may have to buy it in every color. Oh, it comes in forest green. Talk about a color that goes with with every shade of red. I chose the navy blue since it seems to be the most versatile.

$64.99 at Modcloth.


Windy City DressWindy City Dress


And what shoes to wear? Well, my top choice would probably be gold, but that’s me. I would stray away from pairing with black. Too boring. How about pale patent pumps? Pale pink for the navy/forest dress, pale camel or cream or nude for the coral, or even navy blue for the coral. If you are in a really festive mood, go for some glitter heels.

I have not tried these on, but they look like they would be a nice match with both of these dresses. And at $99 at Zappos with free shipping back and forth there is very little risk.

Nude Pumps