Manners in the Workplace

Manners in the workplace has been on my mind for quite some time. In our age of technology, with things moving at lightening speed, we don’t have time to think about beginning an email in a polite fashion, or ending it in that way. I stumbled across this article written by Beth Haiken and it’s well worth the read. And, Beth is a redhead!


I wanted to add a few tips of my own. First, I think it’s very rude to eat while you are on a call. You might think the person on the end does not notice, but they do. When all you have a voice and intonation, you can pick up on subtleties (like someone chewing) and it’s never pleasant for the listener. You leave the impression that you have better things to be doing…like eating. Eat your lunch after the call. And if you absolutely must eat on a call warn the other person, apologize in advance.

Also, multi-tasking (i.e. emailing while you are on the phone) also gives the other person on the line the impression you are not paying attention, because you are not. You might think you are a good multi-tasker, but trust me, you are not giving the other person your full attention and this is also a great way to make email mistakes.

Just because we move quicker does not mean we need to throw away our pleasantries.