Pin up Girl Waves

This week I’m craving some pin up girl waves. Some 40’s, hot, sexy siren waves. I went out to find some easy styles to achieve this super feminine look. Think Rita Hayworth or Lauren Becall.

Rita Hayworth Lauren Becall


Do you think you are the only one who has googled “Jessica Rabbit Hairstyle”? Think again. And take a look.


For luscious glossy waves, the directions appear easier than they are, particularly if you have frizzy wavy hair to begin with. If your hair is straight, you will have an easier time with this style. If it’s wavy or curly to begin with, you might consider straightening your hair first before attempting this style.

This one is quite simple. She probably needed no more than a paddle brush, a curling iron and some product.
Jessica Chastain Blake Lively curls

This is Blake as a blond, but I was just so inspired by this hairstyle, and if you have long hair like hers this could be the epitome of the sexy siren.

blake lively