Dr. Hauschka Foundation

Dr. Hauschka has an impressive line of good for your skin, affordable skin care products. I’ve stated in previous posts that I don’t really think a redhead with freckles should attempt to cover their freckles. But, if you insist on trying something, here is a product that was introduced to me by a nurse at my dermatologist’s office. It’s not really a true foundation but more of a tint. Just something to make you look like you sat in the sun for 30 minutes. It won’t provide complete coverage, meaning, it won’t cover your freckles, but it will give you a nice tanned glow without looking fake and it’s actually very hydrating and really good for your skin. For those who are offended by heavily perfumed cosmetics, this is the perfect solution. It smells earthy, in a really good way. You can buy it at most organic food stores or beauty stores. I get mine at Whole Foods. If you are patient, sometimes it goes on sale but normally runs about $40. And, it lasts, for a very long time as a little goes a long way.