Pale Pink Dress with Red Hair

What a perfect summer frock. Once in a blue moon, a pale pink dress comes along that says “naughty and nice” all in one. The sheer capped sleeves and folded chiffon across the chest give the perfect hint of sexy, feminine and slightly girlish. I see a girl with red hair on a perfect spring day strolling across the grass and fields before entering a charming cottage in the wine country of Napa, California, for a wedding perhaps.

And the blush pink will go with any shade of red hair, positively any shade. Don’t overdo the make-up when you wear this dress. Keep your cheeks bright, eyeshadow lightly swept and maybe use a slightly pink shade of lipstick, like midi-mauve by Mac. I’m still thinking about the shoes to wear with this dress. Since it is such a subdued shade of pink, you might be tempted to throw some hot pink heels in the mix, just to remind those around you that you are not that innocent, as the dress implies, but resist the temptation. Or, you might be  to throw on those sparkling sequined heels you wore once that now sit in the corner of your closet gathering dust. But don’t. Keep it simple, elegant and soft.

$198. More than I would like to spend, but I truly think this dress is timeless.