Leopard Print and Red Hair

A redhead should wear a leopard coat as easily as a leopard wears it’s spots. And, just so PETA does not come after me, I’m talking the faux fur, not the real stuff. Real fur is tacky. Oh so tacky. Go to any thrift shop and find a fake. It will be timeless.

Hear me out on this one. Every red haired female should own a leopard print, whether it’s a coat, a blouse, or a pair of shoes. I prefer something closer to your hair because against the leopard pattern, it just works, very well. And while we are on leopard prints, the reason these items tend to sit in your closet is because it’s hard to pair with other colors. It looks a bit weird with black, in my opinion. But if you are truly desperate and not in the mood to be creative, then go for the black.

How about red? These two colors seem like they really go together. Maybe because they are both bold. Now, I realize you have to be somewhat of a special redhead to not only wear leopard, but also wear red on top of it, but it’s not so bad. Check out this look. The subtle leopard heels are not too intimidating right?






And if you are really nervous, go even more subtle and try these flats.



And this is not an original thought. Redheads in leopard are timeless. In fact, a leopard coat over time will come and go. I can remember when I owned my first one. Then it went to goodwill, only to leave me wishing I had it later. Resist the urge to give it away.



And who pulls it off better than Christina Hendricks? Red hair, leopard dress and red gloves.


You can also pair it with hot pink, or bright orange. You get the message I think.