Perfume and Hair Color

I love this subject. Why? Because I think it’s slightly ridiculous. There is no one size fits all based on your hair color. What does matter is your skin. Some people have oily skin, some are very dry, and depending on which skin type you have perfume may smell very different on you.

Example. My sister and I are both auburns. However, my skin is dry and I am a more freckled than she is. Her skin is milky white, and she has normal skin. She cannot wear any perfume, any body scent whatsoever. It makes her downright ill.

And me? Well I’m convinced no perfume smells good on me because no one has ever stopped me on the street! Now, I do live in the “scent sensitive” city of San Francisco where many people find fragrance of any kind offensive.

I fell in love with my very first bottle of perfume, which happened to be Gucci. Don’t ask me what kind because they only had one kind back then. Since then, I have always loved the bottles and different shapes and labels.

Check out this article about the mystique behind the allure of perfume.

This is how to test perfume. Yes, it can be tempting to buy it upon first spritz, and those sales people can be downright convincing. But, remember, many commercial scents are made to hit you aggressively so that you will buy it on the spot. A real perfume will have notes that start out one way, and dry down to another, so at the very least, spray your wrist and walk around for many hours before buying it. In the best case scenario wear it for a week (get a sample).

Your perfume taste can come and go. I was in love with Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur and used my tiny sample to the last drop before running out to buy it. Now, I hate the smell. It could be the season, it could be hormones, it could be that my taste has changed, but I would not be surprised if I picked that bottle up again in a year and started wearing it again.

Perfume does go bad. Don’t believe me? Take a whiff of one of your mother’s or grandmother’s perfumes. They keep the stuff forever and it turns, and boy does it turn for the worse. Unfortunately your sense of smell does diminish over time and what might smell good to you may be awful to the rest of the world.

Some perfumers say wear what you like, not what others like.  Yes perfume does have it’s place in aromatherapy, because isn’t that what this is suggesting? But, if you are like me, you want something so memorable that one cannot forget. Call me a hopeless romantic that way, but I would hate to be remembered as the girl who wore that awful perfume.

I’m not going to recommend any one perfect scent because I’ve already posted those on my site, but also because again, I’ve been suckered into buying stuff based on a description only to be very disappointed. Try it on, wear it all day, wear it for a week. Wear it to bed and see if it makes you feel claustrophobic. If it does, not a good sign.

And how to wear it? Well, I’ve gotten around the part that it doesn’t go with my skin. I spray my hair, but if I have scented shampoo it may or may not mix well. Here is what I have gathered from my perfumey girlfriends. Five spritzes. This seems like a lot to me. I spray it in the air and run away from it. Maybe that’s why no one stops me on the street because they cannot smell anything!

1 spritz each wrist

1 spritz behind each ear

1 spritz in the hair

Oh ok, I will tell you my favorites:

Bulgari Black – Discontinued but you can find it sometimes at Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx. Love the stuff. I’ve been loyal for 12 years.

Serge Leuten – Five O’Clock Gingembre

Frederic Malle – For men, Boise D’Orage

Byredo – Palermo