Ginger Men

Hot? It depends on the man, not his hair color. Some are hotter than others, more handsome than others, but doesn’t the same rule apply to men with brown or blond hair? I admit it. It’s more difficult to find a good looking red haired guy than a female, but they do exist. In fact, when I started this blog suddenly I was seeing them all over town. Just regular guys walking down the street.

My favorite example is Fassbender. Man, what makes him so hot? I know few people who would argue with me on this one. He is the striking combination of handsome, super sexy and talented. He also is the man of many faces. He can really look the part of the wall street guy, the bad boy or the nice guy.

What makes me curious is to why he is never a redhead in any of his films. Maybe his hair has turned darker over the years, but he is a natural redhead, so I’ve heard.



Do you think this man ever had any issues with the ladies? I would love to be in a position to ask him.



I have no clue who this man is, but wow, beautiful hair strawberry blond hair.