Stitch Fix #2 Review

Ok, shipment number one I kept one item. Shipment number two, I came very close to keeping all five. I received two blouses, a pair of black skinny stretch jeans/leggings by Sanctuary, a gold bracelet with beads and an open front black blazer that hit right at my hips.

Seriously, I’m in trouble now. I loved everything, absolutely my style. I returned the blazer and one of the blouses because I just didn’t think they would be versatile enough to keep in my closet, but the black pants I will wear all the time, and I loved one of the blouses.

The Box


The presentation upon opening


I’m not sure if this photo will reveal just how unique this blouse is. It’s white, black and turquoise. White in front, and black in back but it’s sheer so you see the hint of turquoise from the material below. I also love the cut, fluttering colorful material. I think this blouse is just cool enough to be a show stopper.


This was the blouse that I truly loved, but the shape doesn’t really flatter me. Really cool design though, and I love the different black and white designs.


Check out this bracelet. The tiny pearls are so precious (to look at not in material obviously) and the design is simple but chic. I will wear this thing all the time.


The blazer. Total closet staple, simple and flattering.


I think the jeans/leggings won’t look good unless I try them on for you, so more to come.