Thinking of Going Red

This article gives some good advice. The biggest mistake I see when people decide to go red is they go overboard, either with the pigment they choose, or, they glam up everything else as well.

For starters, look at the photo below. This is very intentionally a strong red but she pulls it off beautifully because of her pale skin. And, notice the olive green she is wearing which again I think is the most stunning color (but not the only color) for redheads.



From Marie Claire magazine, follow these basic set of rules and you cannot go wrong.

Is Red Right for You?

If at least two of the following apply to you, it may be right to go ruby:

  • Your skin is on the pink side. There is a “right” red out there for most women, says Jennifer J, a Matrix celeb colorist and owner of Juan Juan Salons in Southern California (she colors Julia Roberts’s auburn mane), but women with cool or pinkish skin pull it off best. Conversely, women with golden or olive skin have a tougher time finding one that’s flattering.
  • You’re no wallflower. Red is a head-turning hue, and you have to be self-assured enough to accept the stares, says Tasha Forgash, color specialist at Shag Salon in Boston. Colorist Sarah Gold, the guru behind Lindsay Lohan’s formerly flame-colored hair, concurs: “Remember, red hair is like a sequined dress — it walks into the room before you do.”
  • Your hair is in fairly good condition. If your strands are very dry or damaged, they will have a hard time holding on to small, red color molecules (which seep out of even the healthiest hair fairly quickly). Your mane has a better chance of becoming radiant red if it is well cared-for (read: you deep-condition weekly, get regular trims and don’t heat-style every day).
  • Makeup tips for redheads:
  • Avoid dark, smoky eyes. They compete with your attention-grabbing tresses, says Paula Dorf, a celebrity makeup artist.
  • Do think pink. Pink lip color and blush look gorgeous on redheads, despite outdated advice to the contrary, says Dorf.
  • Don’t match your brows and hair; it looks bizarre, says Danilo, a celeb colorist.

There area few things I disagree with. First, depending on the shade you choose it may not be a traffic stopping red. If you are going for a strawberry blond, or maybe even a deep auburn you won’t be stared at as though you are a unicorn crossing the street. I guess it takes a redhead to point that out.

Second, I like a smoky eye on a redhead but I think this depends on a few things. Your age (sorry, but true), the quality of your skin, and how much make-up you put on in addition to the smoky eye. Keep the rest simple.

Skin tone, if too dark it might look strange. I agree that it can look odd on ethnic women of Indian or black descent, but if you have a “light” olive or caramel coloring, red can be really beautiful.