Redheads in Sports

This is a good one and I don’t know a lot about sports, so for all I know this guy failed miserably. What cracked me up was this coach was quoted saying Andy Dalton, quarterback would never succeed because there has never been a successful redhead quarterback!

Tell me, would you give him high marks based on his looks alone? I would. Red hair and an athlete. I’ll bet this guy has no issues with the ladies, and never has.



And, while we are on the subject of hot redhead athletes, check out the following slideshow of the hottest redheads (women) in sports. They are not all “technically” in sports, but they list a few interesting ones.

angelica bridges


If you are raising a child and they want to get into sports but are ridiculed relentlessly for their hair color, hopefully they are strong willed and resilient and will beat the odds, but if not, you can help the along by showing them other famous redhead athletes.