Kork Ease

Remember Kork Ease? I really envied my older sister who got to wear these sandals that made that fun squeaking sound when she walked. By the time I was old enough to wear them, they went out of style. But, they are back….and with a vengeance.

I hate clogs. I think they are totally unsexy. These shoes are totally different. They make your legs look great and they go with absolutely everything. Ok, they don’t go well with an evening dress but anything casual from dresses to jeans to mini and maxi skirts, you will wear these puppies out in no time. But I also remember they last a very long time.

I went back and forth between the camel and the black and chose the camel. Here’s why. I actually think it’s a more versatile color than black and plus, it’s the classic Kork-Ease color.

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