Stitch Fix #3

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Kept four out of five items. Why do I say wow four times? Because I don’t know that I would have chosen these items myself as obvious pieces to have in my wardrobe. Something about the way the colors went together, the gold and white of the necklace, the shade of blue silk blouse and the cut just made me drool (a little), and ooh and ahh (a lot) and wear three out of four to the office the very next day (see below).

Do I need to point out all of these colors are great on a redhead?



This stitch fix package included the following: a turquoise silk blouse, a white and black blouse with a geometric design, a striped black and white cardigan, a gold multi-strand necklace and a pair of blue skinny jeans. I sent the jeans back, not that I didn’t love them. I just have too many skinny jeans in my closet.



I’ll explain again why I’ve said “wow” so many times. I think in part because I never thought to put such a bright color paired with black and white stripes. I also say wow because you can mix and match all the items above and they will still look good. I think the sweater will be worn to death, as well as the blouses since they perk up virtually any outfit.

So, I go back to my original theory of this great new site. Even if you have your own fashion sense, isn’t it sometimes fun to have someone else style you? You may be surprised to find the items you thought you would never wear become your favorite threads.

I’m in love.