Auburn Hair

There is a lot of debate over whether or not auburn hair is considered a red hair. I thought you might find some amusement in the following urban dictionary quote which describes the color auburn vs. a ginger. No doubt from our South Park folks.


Someone with flaming red hair, pale white skin, and lots of freckles. If their hair is not flaming, then they aren’t gingers. Gingers should be avoided, they are annoying little freaks with no souls, and are always complete fags. All other definitions are wrong. The only way some one is a ginger is if the color on the top of their head is FIRETRUCK RED. orange too. but bright red mainly. Auburn hair is not a ginger. Auburn means reddish brown. Gingers. suck.

Ok, so there you have it, an auburn is not a ginger or not a redhead. Actually, I disagree. I think any shade of red falls under the redhead category, but I’m often corrected based on my own color which is frequently described as auburn. Here are some examples. Think of it as closer to brown with red hues.