Eyelash Extensions

In the age of Latisse, which works very well by the way, the question is which one do you choose? Latisse or eyelash extensions?

Latisse takes 4-8 weeks before you start to see your lashes grow, and grow they will. If you are someone who doesn’t mind putting on mascara, which you will probably still wear even with your newly long lush feathery eyelashes, then you may want this option. You will read a lot of horror stories about the coloring of the iris, but remember that Latisse was formulated originally for people who suffered from glaucoma, and therefore they put the solution directly in the eye. With Latisse it’s going on the fringe of your lashes so you should not get very much in your eye, and even if you do it’s minimal. I have green eyes, used Latisse for months and never experienced any coloring of the iris.

Extensions are instant gratification. I got them done for a wedding and I’ve been addicted ever since. It will come as advertised that you only need to do it 3-4 weeks, but I get them done every two which is costly and time consuming. Be prepared to pay $120 month minimum.

For a redhead, most of us don’t have long thick dark lashes, so it looks striking when you get them done. And they come in a very dark brown which looks black. That said, it is quite dramatic and you will find you don’t have to wear any other make up.

The maintenance has been much easier than I thought. It requires a solution you put on like mascara every two days which is no big deal, and you need to use a water based make-up remover. I’ve gotten quite good at staying away from my lashes. You can get them wet no problem, but I do put a washcloth over my forehead to stop the hot water from running into my eyes when I wash my hair.

I love them and I’m totally addicted! I have also not found any damage to my real lashes. They simply grow out and fall out like your normal lashes do. It’s just more noticeable because they are thick and dark.



Here is where I get them done. It’s comfortable, friendly and you can put your feet up (literally) and fall asleep.

Icandy Eye Salon

801 Greenwich St

(between Jansen St & Mason St)

San Francisco, CA 94133

Neighborhood: Russian Hill

(855) 422-6395