Sexy Mother Pucker

You sexy mother pucker you. You are sexiest in Nudist,  with your super moisturizing, not too shiny and the absolute perfect shade that makes me want to kiss you for hours.  For that natural up and go look when your outfit calls for just a “kiss” of blush, this is it. At Sephora for $16.

Soap & Glory has come out with a line of lip plumpers, and I bought this one by mistake. Despite the name, this one will not plump your lips.



Soap Lip plumpers includes Extreme Plump XL. You will think it’s working from the moment you put it on. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like it, and dare I say if there was a lip massage this would be it. Your lips literally vibrate. But, guess what? I saw almost no plumping action. I half feared looking in the mirror with all the tingling and throbbing going on, but really, didn’t see the desired plump at all. It also has a chocolatey smell, which is kind of nice. But your still sexy you….$22 at Sephora.