Ginger Nation Shawn Hitchins

There is very often a dispute about what a “ginger” really is. I’ve recently been to Edinburgh, where the definition of a Ginger is someone with very bright red hair. Auburns do not qualify, oddly enough. And, Scotland has the largest concentration of redheads in the world, so they should know.

Shawn Hitchins performed at the Fringe Festival and performs around the world, really as a comedian about his life as a ginger and his quest to change the attitudes. He is hilarious, down to earth and his stories are highly entertaining. Such as, his two year long quest to donate his sperm to a lesbian couple which finally resulted in a lovely ginger haired baby girl.

Shawn is a ginger. He has every quality a typical ginger has, bright red hair, pale skin, light freckles.

Shawn at the Fringe Festival just before his performance