Auburn with Blond Highlights

I’m planning on changing my hair to an auburn with blond highlights. I was a strawberry blond my whole life, until about 15 years ago when I moved to a city where it was too cold to frolic on the beach to get those natural sun kissed streaks. Year after year my hair has gotten darker, and I’m now an auburn. With age comes hair that is also more dull so I’m feeling a need for something fresh and new. I’ve done some research on auburns with blond highlights and came up with a few interesting ideas to show my hairdresser.

This one is pretty, but it she looks like she has lighter hair than I do. Also, it’s a bit too streaky for my taste. I’m going for something a bit more natural.



This is more in line with the hair color I have now, but still not quite the look I’m going for.



This one is gorgeous and known as the treatment or technique of balayage. However, her hair has just the right amount of wave to make this look especially good. But, we have the same hair color, almost.


Any, the most stunning, which I hope to achieve, is the photo on the left. I love the dramatic two tone look. Stunning golden tones with the auburn backdrop.