Stitch Fix Review

Dear stitch fix,

I think we may need to break up. You see, I think about you all the time. Once a month, I wait for your return at my front doorstep. My heart pounds in my chest, and I can barely contain myself from tearing you apart.  You are stunning. Your carefully chosen materials that you’ve hand picked just for me. You know my body inch by inch and you rarely make a mistake. Sometimes, when you’ve been traveling too much you can be careless and lazy, and I need to get you back on track. But you take direction so well, that it only builds excitement for your next visit. You have made me a better person. People notice me more. You have given me things I never thought I was capable of. But this arrangement can only break my heart. I fear you will leave me soon. For now, I’m counting the days until your next visit.
Love, Stephanie