Perfume and Cocktails

Whimsical Red and Bourgee Hip-Pay in Banana Republic CLASSIC TRENCH

Seven girls headed off to Barney’s for a night of perfumes and cocktails. Barney’s has the best perfumery in all of San Francisco. Walk downstairs when you enter the store to a room full of treasures. These perfumes are made by designers you may have never heard of and scents that you may not find anywhere else. The Byredo line was a huge hit.

“Curly Girl”Born and raised in Stuttgart, Curly Girl has long dark ringlet curls and loves to wear flirty feminine dresses. Her approach to perfume is the French way. She chose her scent at a young age and has been loyal to it ever since. She likes Coco Chanel and Chance.

“The Bourgee Hip-pay” (urban dictionary: chic hip girl)No tie dye or patchouli oil here. Bourgee Hip-pay was born in Vietnam and loves  scents that take her to faraway places. Her tastes range from  Serge Lutens Five O’Clock Au Gigembre or when she’s in a mischievous mood, A La Nuit.

“The Redhead, expert on living, breathing and how to wear perfume,  the redhead is naked without her scent of the day. Her closet is filled with Guerlain.  Ask her how many bottles she bought on a trip to France. She likes the florals, Jasmine is one of her favorite scents.


“The Genius”The Genius loves life and loves to laugh, but there is no mistaking that brain. Ask her what the chemical compound is of her favorite perfume and she might just have the formula off the top of her head. She may even know the history. The Genius’ favorite scent is Fracas



“Grrrrrr, Girl”Raised in Belfast (and an unmistakable accent to go with it) Grrrr Girl loves athletics, but has her feminine girly side. Her choice is the classics. She likes Romance by Ralph Lauren.

“Roller Girl” is a bay area native. You might find her roller skating on a basketball court, or at a thrift shop picking up a $5 blue glitter dress to wear to an 80’s dance party. Don’t let this mod style girl fool you…her favorite scent is Eau De Parfum II by Gucci.


“Whimsical Red” changes her mind with the wind. She can be swayed depending on the day. She can go months without ever wearing perfume, but when she does, her go to scent is Bulgari Black.

Scent winners were Palermo by Byredo (crowd favorite, notes of warm oranges and bergamot), La Tulipe by Byredo (Roller Girl’s top pick), Boise D’Orage by Frederic Malle (favorite masculine scent), Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle.



Four Seasons San Francisco has the best cocktails in the city. Try their martini, or any of their signature cocktails. Like sitting in your living room, it’s cozy, has a beautiful view of union square and is the perfect place to meet for a drink with colleagues or friends.

The food is also excellent. Try the duck spring rolls, the tuna tartar or the duckfat burger with fries.



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