Orange Lipstick On Redheads

If you think orange lipstick on redheads should be banished forevermore, think again. She should not be caught dead without plenty of orange in her make-up bag! It’s all about your skin tone and orange hue, whether it’s matte or gloss. Choose the right orange for your hair shade and skin tone. Keep the rest of your make-up subtle, natural and glowing. Don’t add a dramatic smokey eye if you are going to have orange lips. And nothing lifts your mood like a pop of color on your pucker.

If you are afraid to jump on the orange, ease you way into it with a coral shade. I love Bobbi Brown glosses. They are super moisturizing and stay on forever. Try the tangerine lip gloss. Low risk, high reward. Or, you can try MAC lipglass, another long lasting favorite in Lychee Luxe, a coral with some pink in it.

Ideas for the right shades to fit you, click here.

For the auburn, it’s a slightly darker orange with more red undertones.

A true orange for the strawberry blond that appears to be a matte orange.


Another strawberry blond with a glossier orange.