Stitch Fix Review

This stitch fix was so much fun and so fitting for a redhead. I really wanted a purple blouse to go with leopard shoes, or a leopard jacket, and coincidentally they included a leopard cardigan in my box. I didn’t keep it because of the way it fit, and it’s lack of versatility, but still loved it. I also love how they send you a perforated guide for each outfit that you can tear off and use for those fashion crisis moments.

Here’s how it works. A shipment of five items once a month (or more if you request it, or less). You pay $20/month which is applied to your purchase if you make one.

Your box is personalized for you based on the profile you filled out online. Stylists, behind the scenes will decide what goes into the box (every month it changes, but if you have one who has particularly hit the mark, you can request them).



I love this blouse. The cowl neck has a small charm in the middle that you cannot see, but brilliantly keeps the neck in place. Plus, the deep purple color is one of the most flattering, arguably, on any redhead.



This leopard cardigan was adorable, but I’m not keeping it. I have too much leopard stuff in my closet, truth be told. But, I was tempted.



Adorable dress, and was so depressed that it didn’t fit me right. The fit was fine, just did not flatter my body in any way.



Finally the maxi dress. This dress was cute, but too clingy in the wrong places and also a bit see through which I didn’t want to deal with.



They also sent me a pair of black pants which I did not include a photo of. Overall, this shipment was a lot of fun, like they always are. Send back your items in a pre-paid envelope that they provide in the box.

Cannot wait for the next!