Highlight your hair with lemon juice

Not a myth, not a wives tale, I was given this tip by my aunt, a former hair stylist. If you don’t want to put harsh chemicals in your hair, try squeezing lemon juice on your hair (use fresh lemons). It only works if you then expose your hair to the sun, so try it before you run to the beach or the poolside, or a long walk in the sun. You don’t need to be that particular about what areas of your hair to coat because believe me, it won’t be so dramatic that it will be noticeable. I used to do this for several weeks at a time in the locks turn light gradually. If you plan to hit the beach anyway, try it. You can try this with any shade of red. The acid from the lemon makes it a bit dry, but no more dry than the ocean water or chlorine from a pool, and definitely not as bad as chemical colors or bleach!