What colors should redheads wear?

So I’m often asked, what colors should redheads wear? This is usually followed by skepticism when I say “any color we want.” When in doubt, don’t reach for the neutrals to feel safe. Redheads who dare to wear hot bright colors know a thing or two about fashion. These featured redheads make a statement, a grand one. Don’t slink into the corner in your boring neutral tones just to blend in with the walls, but instead enhance your coloring with a warm color. While I still love redheads in pale pinks, neutral browns and beiges and my all time favorite, green, nothing makes me happier than seeing a natural redhead wearing pinks and purples to stand out in the crowd.

This redhead paired a hot pink patterned shirt with a black blazer, brilliant. Compliments his tone perfectly and brightens his complexion.


This redhead wore purple and gray, one of my favorite color combinations, and sported a full red beard on top of it. Talk about loving the red you were born in.