Spray on Tan

If you are a redhead and you cannot tan, consider getting a spray on tan. No matter what your skin tone is, anyone can achieve that glowing caramel color we all envy. It’s much healthier than baking in the sun to attempt to achieve the same color. It can get addictive and expensive, but if you are thinking of doing this for some special event, here’s what you should know.

First, think of doing a test spray before the real event. You may hate it and decide when the time is near to opt out. During your first visit, they may suggest you go medium, but you may find that medium is still took dark, or too light. Second, when it comes time for the real thing, my suggestion is to do it 3 days in advance and here’s why. Day one you will need to wait anywhere from 6-12 hours before you can shower. During that time you have to wear loose clothing so it does not rub off excessively on your clothing. You will see a lot of streaking and areas that the spray seems to have gone heavier, almost like someone splattered brown paint on you. Don’t worry, this will wash off during your first shower. The odor is not offensive to some, but it is to me. It smells like a dirty penny and can be overpowering. The good news is the odor wears off less than 48 hours later.

I suggest doing it in the nude. I decided to wear the disposable g-string, and the tan lines just looked silly. If you really want it to look more natural, wear your bathing suit.

If you don’t like how it looks, soak in a mineral oil bath (baby oil works) and this will lighten it up. If your face is too dark take a cotton ball and lemon juice or exfoliate with baking soda. This will also help to lighten the color. For the first 24 hours I regretted doing it, but then day two the color suddenly looked right.

Your skin will feel dry, a bit drier than usual. They will try to sell you their “special” lotion, but I’ve been using my own with mineral oil in it, which they tell you to stay away from and it has worked just fine. Overall? I liked it and would do it again.