DIY Facial

Desperate for a last minute facial and don’t have the time or the money? Try a DIY facial with baking soda and water. Really, it’s all you need.¬†Ideally, you also have a Clarisonic brush, but it not, don’t fret.

Mix a small amount (two tablespoons or less) of baking soda and add water a few drops at a time until you form a thick paste. If it’s too watery, just add more baking soda.

Wash your face clean and then rub the paste onto your face in circular motions concentrating more on the problematic areas (oily patches, blackheads, acne). Do this for a few minutes, and rinse. No need to scrub hard since the baking soda will do most of the work. If you have a Clarisonic, run it on your face before rinsing off the paste.

Your skin will feel totally refreshed and clean but might feel a little dry. Make sure you rinse well since the solution can be a bit salty and leave residue. Follow-up with a moisturizer if your skin is too dry. Maybe a few drops of serum.

Oh, and you can do this no more than once a week! It’s too drying to do it more than that. You can also repeat this concept for the rest of your body, making it the cheapest skin glow remedy in town!