elf Cosmetics Review

If you have not yet tried e.l.f. Cosmetics you are seriously missing out on totally affordable yet high quality make-up.unnamed-3

I’ve chosen my top five products that every redhead can use. Not only are they totally versatile, but they are a must have in your make-up bag. Did I mention their products range from $1 to $7.19? Unbelievable price point, and products I’ve been searching for that did not exist, like eyelid cream. Finally!!!

First off, the shimmering facial whip is a must have. The best color for a redhead? I think the lilac petal. It’s a soft pink that gives you that shimmery glow to wear during the day or at night. It comes in a tiny tube, perfect to throw in your make-up bag. And for $1? You can afford to have one in every purse!

My second favorite is the all over color stick in persimmon. Use it on your cheeks, your forehead, or anywhere you think you need to catch a bit of light. Again, tiny packaging making it easy to transport.

I also love the face primer. It comes in some weird colors, like lavender, and I have no idea how that would look, so I got the clear. It somehow makes your pores smaller and preps your face for foundation or powder or blush. I love the look, and wore it all day and did not dry out, or make me shiny, just stayed perfectly matte.

Then there is the under eye roller ball, the studio eye refresh. Something about that cool ball rolling under your eyes to get rid of puffiness and dark circles. And it’s made with good herby stuff, like cucumber rosemary and green tea. $3.59 at Target.

And the essential glitter primer, goes on your eyelids! I love that. I suppose you don’t have to use glitter eyeshadow, but any eyeshadow will do and the best part of feeling like that neglected area is getting some moisture.

So to the tune of 5 items for a total cost of under $20, I’d say this stuff is totally worth it. It goes on like expensive make-up, smells like expensive make-up and has staying power.