Can Redheads Wear Yellow?

Yellow is one of those funky colors where you have to get the shade right in order for it to unnamed-2look good, on anyone. I’ve seen it look best with fair skin and a mellow yellow as opposed to a mustard yellow. This particular shade is called canary yellow, and I think it looks beautiful on a redhead. I suppose if you have darker skin you can get away with almost any shade. You don’t have to know your skin undertone to answer the question of whether or not you will look good in yellow. I’ve never really understood what people mean by yellow undertones, or green undertones. If the color doesn’t suit you, you don’t need an expert coloring panel of judges to answer the question. If it washes you out, makes your cheeks look gaunt, makes you look fatter than you are (getting the picture?) then it’s probably not your color. Do people compliment you more when you wear a certain color? Chances are, it’s your shade.

RO embroidered dress by Calypso.  


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