Jewel Tones for Redheads

Creating contrast against your skin tone is of the most flattering things a redhead can do. Jewel tones for redheads can include purple, yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, etc.



One of the most dreaded colors on a redhead for some made up reason is yellow. This happens to be one of my favorites, but the shade has to be right. Mustard yellow or canary yellow seem to work well. Pale yellow, depending on your skin could look good as well. Yellow has always reminded me of the country girl picking flowers from a field. Not so country here…


Purple is probably my second favorite, next to pink. I put them in the same category. If you look good in one, you probably look good in the other. (Blouse by Stitch Fix). Purple feels royal, sophisticated and rich. I also love that you can wear orange lipstick with it, or pink. Try revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti.


Finally, cobalt blue is another pick that really makes your hair stand out (Anthropologie modern shift in Cobalt). Blue is the sky, the ocean, the calming color that everyone seems to love. I’ve seen cornflower blue on a redhead as well, but it’s not my favorite shade in general.


If any of these colors make you feel a bit uncomfortable in your own skin. Try this, wear your hair up. Tie it in a chignon, or a bun or a braid to “feature” what you are wearing instead of the shade of your hair. Make sense?

Here is a really cute fishtail style:




Hot pink stops hearts.