Zara Picks

I love Zara. I love their clothes, I love their shoes and I love their bags. My top Zara picks areunnamed-6 probably too endless for this post so I’ve chosen a few of my coveted sales items.

This clutch was too cute for words. I love the soft pink and the studs. Better yet, it’s incredibly functional. Open it up and it has a compartment for your iphone, a change purse and a place for your credit cards and cash. Also, I think soft pink, while this color can go with any hair color, especially when you are simply carrying it in your hand, is one of the most stunning colors on a redhead and a difficult shade to find in a bag.

I literally bought the last one, but maybe it will make a come back. The Zara Pink Studded Clutch. $69.99.



Ever do ballet? If you have, or maybe you have not, but you are very observant and happen to notice these flats resemble a real toe shoe. A very glitzy fancy toe shoe. The boxed shape toe is adorable, and comfy. I was worried about these because they are made of a soft fabric, almost like a nylon fabric. In fact, they are see through (I could see my pedicure right through them). I wore them all day and they were like being barefoot. They also held their shape. I could not decide which color was more princess-like so opted bought both nude and black. On sale at Zara for $49.99.