Can redheads wear coral?

I think one of my favorite colors on a redhead is coral. It might seem totally counterintuitive, but redheads can wear coral. Remember not all corals are treated equal. I love this shade, because it’s on the peach side of the color spectrum and looks absolutely beautiful on her. Plus, it’s also a versatile color you can match with quite a few things. Black, a no brainer, but you can get a little more daring than that. You can try hunter green, or navy blue or carry a gold or silver bag for instance. This color is under appreciated and has endless possibilities, especially for us gingers!


A little more daring would be a coral closer to the orange and red side of the family, like our good ole’ darling Jessica Chastain is pulling off like a champ. Some might call this red, or burnt orange, but I see it as coral, and it goes magnificently with her pale skin.


Coral is not one of those colors you see frequently. It reminds me of summer, the beach, clear waters, a mermaid! I think if you are insecure about wearing it for the first time, try the lighter softer shade. Notice how also, in both of these photos they have gone easy on the make-up. Let the color stand out for you, and light up your skin tone!