What colors can redheads wear?

I’m often surprised when I wear a color that takes me a bit out of my comfort zone, purple for instance and the positive reaction I get from others. This begs the question, what colors can redheads wear? ¬†Here are a few color choices, but don’t limit yourself to these.

Blue is not the obvious color you would think to pair us with, but with it’s traditional and everlasting regal quality, blue just makes you feel elegant. I also think the contrast is truly stunning. The more fire in your locks, the better it looks. The color shown below is a cobalt blue, but I also like redheads in navy blue.


A redhead in green is a bit like a tree with leaves. We just cannot live without this color. Every redhead should own several shades of green in her wardrobe. That said, as I’ve stated before, green can be a very neutral color, and the idea is not to fade into the shadows but to make a statement when you enter a room. I think redheads look incredible in all shades of green, but my personal favorite is hunter green.

Jessica is probably one of the few redheads who can pull off this shade of yellow, which looks to be like a canary yellow. This is the one color for a redhead that you really need to go with your gut. It depends on your skin undertone. When I’ve tried on yellow, all shades of yellow, I basically say “blech, get it off of me.” But I’ve seen it on other redheads and I’ve been impressed, so try it on yellow birdie and see how you feel.



No one can argue with a redhead in black. Really, no one WILL argue with a redhead in black. We were practically born to wear this color. Super sexy, mysterious, vampy, elegant. Just don’t break too many hearts.