Redhead lipstick colors

I’ve decided feature a few redhead lipstick colors I love in the pale pink hue and bright red. These colors are good for day and night. A bright red by Kate Moss called Kiss of Life and Rimmel’s Airy Fairy and a pale pink lipstick.

For the red, I prefer to play the make-up down on the rest of your face. A foundation to smooth out your skin, some neutral colored eye-shadow like Brule by Mac and mascara. Let your lips be the stand out feature on your face when you wear a bright red.

For my pink pick, I’m loving this Airy Fairy by Rimmel. It’s the perfect shade that looks great on a redhead, and should not be too intimidating since it’s a pale hue. You can also gloss it up if you don’t like the matte look. My favorite gloss? Vaseline. Cheapest alternative and the best for your lips. Try the itty bitty jars with cocoa butter to carry in every bag.