Belly Chains

Yeah I’m dating myself. 70’s belly chains. Once upon we didn’t dare bare our midriff without a slinky sexy chain around our waist. I realize it’s fall now and this is more of a summer accessory, but there are creative ways (and situations) you can wear this and feel like you’ve got that extra something.

I’m not suggesting you display this openly to the public, but it’s a nice little secret to wear under your clothes. It’s a bit like having a secret tattoo that no one knows about except without the commitment.

If you’ve got the bod wear them in your bikini. Got a hot date? Wear it under your clothes. Let it be part of your lingerie set. I prefer gold since it’s a better match with my skin/hair, but some redheads may choose silver. Also, err on the side of getting a wider chain since there may be some days you aren’t feeling as skinny as others. This is the one Rihanna brought back to life, the criss cross body chain.

On Etsy for $32.55




Here are some more subtle chains, if you don’t want the full body criss cross. This is my favorite, simple, and discreet. Loving the little infinity symbol.



This one could not be more cool. At $85 dollars it’s pretty versatile. Belly, necklace and bracelet.


Converted to a long sexy necklace.



And finally, a wrap around bracelet.