Freckle Removal

Didn’t think freckle removal would ever be possible? Well, truth be told, I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth. Never, ever, since I was 12 DSC_0685and attempted to remove my freckles with everything from lemon juice to bleaching cream (which turned my skin pasty white). I’ve started to like my freckles, and while they are far less pronounced than they ever were, I’m happy I still have a hint of them.

Growing up with freckles can be a pain. You are constantly reminded about these little brown dots all over your face. What always baffled me as a child was when adults would talk about my freckles. They talked about them with envy, and shared stories of when they were a child and would dot little fake freckles on their nose because they wanted them so badly. I never understood that. I wanted a face that was freckle free. I thought freckles meant you bad skin because it was not flawlessly finished, like a mannequin.

Then, in my mid 30’s. I went to the dermatologist to talk about options (botox, collagen, etc.) since I had started to notice my skin was getting a bit “old” and tired looking. Instead of the dermatologist offering options for my wrinkles, he said the following. “No one notices your wrinkles when they look at you. They notice big unattractive large brown spots all over your face.” True story.

This brought me back to the make-up counter as a teenager, when the make up stylist would do everything in her will to cover them up from darker foundation to lighter. I left looking either like I had undergone 18 treatments under a bad sun lamp, or worse, left there looking like a ghost. Either way it was clear. No one knew how to deal with freckles. We were all taught they were ugly, get rid of them.

Sometimes your freckles don’t look as fresh and cute as when you were younger and when you age they get darker and actually do start making you look older. They generally start to fade with time, but since I had spent so much time in the sun, since I was one of the lucky few who could actually tan, they were there to stay. I started doing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. The recommendation was that I would need about 5-8 treatments, which was expensive, but worth it to me. Now, after about 10 treatments and thousands of dollars later, my freckles are under control  So how does it work? An aesthetician described it perfectly by saying it won’t remove your freckle, but it will remove the pigment from that freckle. What this means is, go in the sun, they will come back, but let me say that it worked and it was dramatic.

Now, they are not completely gone, but with a brush of light foundation I can erase them (with exception of the ones on my eyelids, those take make up). Then something interesting happened. When I told people what I had done they all seemed to have the same reaction which was “I never noticed you had freckles!”

I sometimes see beautiful girls with freckles and remember all those wasted years I spent hating them. Embrace them, they are not only cute, they are hot, sexy and unique. If you hate them and them less pronounced, IPL is very effective.