Blonde to red hair

Going from blonde to red hair, or from brunette to red, or any combination you can think up, tojanellecontrastshifts red, can be exciting, daunting, terrifying and exhilarating! Word on the street is redheads have more fun, but the last thing you want is the shock factor and tears while you get used to your new firey tresses.

Meet Janelle at, who has natural red hair, went from blond to red, recently and has found a lot of advice is downright dated. I’m always in awe how many people with no experience as a redhead recommend sticking to those “blend in” tones. Redheads have been taught to stick to neutral pallets. “Blend in, wear greens, browns, beiges”…..blah. Nothing wrong with those colors, except that she (as do I) prefers warm tones and is more comfortable in bright colors- and I think they prefer us redheads.


This would be my suggestion. If you are not so brave to go for the fire red, ease into it. Become a strawberry blond first. It’s clear Janelle has the right complexion to be a blond, so going a little redder is sure to work. I’m liking both of these shades on her with her flawless alabaster skin tone. She pulls it off like the natural redhead she is!