Questions for Redheads

Do you have questions for redheads that you’ve been dying to ask? Well, I do. In fact, when unnamed (1)I meet a redhead, I have a zillion questions and I’m quite curious if they have heard the same things I have my entire life. Turns out, Janelle, my new friend who happens to be a ginger, had some really interesting surprising things to tell me.

First, it’s important to mention that Janelle is a “new” Ginger. She grew up as a redhead, but hated her hair so much (what she described as “dingy orange”) that she became a blond and has lived her life as a blond for the majority of her adult life.

As a redhead.


Janelle: No one likes to argue with a redhead.

I loved that one. As a blond, she often times had to repeat herself in business meetings but as a redhead, she claims she only has to say things once.

Janelle: My favorite colors are teal, green and orange. I cannot wear pink. Coral is nice, yellow is bad and grey isn’t good either.

I beg to differ. I think she would be stunning in pink, but since she has only been a redhead for a year she needs to ease into her new shade. Yellow would really depend on the shade of red and her skin undertones, and I tend to agree that dark grey isn’t great, but light grey is ok.

Janelle: Being a redhead is more acceptable. Being a blond was a threat.

This really intrigued me. I would have thought it was the exact opposite.

Janelle: Can you handle a redhead? Am I a tiger, a dangerous animal, what am I?

This one I found very true. There is quite the powerful mystery behind being a redhead. We are often the sultry vixens, the femme fatales of cinema.



I did NOT enjoy being a curly redhead growing up, and as a teen I decided that blonde was SO much better than red and have been dying it since. But, as an adult – and soon to be a mom through adoption – I’ve started to tone it down and am trying to embrace this color again…….. without all the stigmas (you know what I mean).

Recently, I re-did my fashion “color palette” and found the results to be extremely dissatisfying. What I’m “supposed” to wear are basically safari and earth colors. I’m also “supposed” to wear plums and gold and brick makeup…. all of which I find extremely boring. I seriously miss wearing pastels, bright eyes, etc. and feel artificially limited, even though I know these colors all of a sudden make my eyes look exotic to others… to me, it’s boring.
See, redheads can wear red!


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