Do Guys Like Redheads?

For redheads who grew up hating their ginger hair, because blondes have more fun and all, did you ever wonder… do guys like redheads? It depends on the redhead I suppose. We’ve all heard the blanket statement “I like blondes” or “I like brunettes” but when it comes to redheads, the general response is “It depends on how hot she is.”

Well, I decided to take a random sampling of men, age 25-55 and asked them to finish the following sentence…

“Most redheads are…”

This is what I got:

“Most redheads are unforgettable”…..

“Most redheads are simply strawberries which have fallen from God’s strawberry tree.”

“Most redheads are……. mutants, literally. Or at least their melanocortin 1 receptor is.”

“most redheads are ravishing.”

“Most redheads are like cards against humanity – you sometime get a complicated hand but it is in the combination that lies the fun.”

“Most redheads are……. Hawt. And have nice legs.”

“Most redheads are unaware of how truly sexy they really are.”

“Most redheads are fun!”

“Redheads are funny, like Lucy.”

“Redheads are nerds.”

“Redheads are white, and skinny.”

“Most redheads are not fiery and flighty…..and hot, dammed hot…….and I love ’em!!!!”

“Most redheads are deep lovers of life, family and friends.”

“Most redheads are like chocolate castanets.”