Redhead in Gold

What is it about a redhead in gold that draws us out of our cage like raging starved hungry lions? Gold, silver, money. But, it’s more than that. This is a true story. When I was in high school, a guy who sat behind me in Spanish class would pull some of my golden stray strands from the back of my sweater and say triumphantly… “I’m going to sell your hair for gold!”

Once upon a time I had a gold pair of ballet flats in my closet, and I seriously wore them every day!

I own a gold python handbag and on the rare occasion I wear it I cannot get enough reactions to it, generally to the tune of “That looks incredible with your hair!”

Our hair looks like long silky strands of spun gold so naturally we want to wear it as well. Further, gold accentuates your color, whether your skin is milky white or has an light golden hue to it.

The Fashion Institute of Technology Gala 2013, New York, America - 10 Jun 2013

To wear gold lamé (shown above) you should be pretty confident that you are going to dazzle like a star, but do it.

On the other hand, I have mixed feelings about silver on redheads, but I came across this photo of a silvery blue, and I must say I’m sold. If you are going to wear silver, stick with a blue-ish tone, or go very light silver.