Can redheads wear purple?

I’ve recently discovered the land of pinks and purples. Something about these shades just make me feel like a princess, something we never grow out of! But, it’s more than that. Pink is such a feminine shade, and purple is daring and bold. But can redheads wear purple? I think they can wear purple clothes, purple lipstick, and definitely purple eye shadow.

The contrast against our skin is just simply delicious, don’t you think?


I’m convinced Christina can literally wear any color in the world with her pale skin and bright red hair, but something about this deep purple hue is particularly stunning. Try it with some coral shade lipstick for contrast and appeal, and don’t get to matchy matchy with your eyeshadow. The idea is to have colors play off of each other, not compete with each other.


And just in case you feel even more daring, pair it with another shade, like teal shown below. These colors are gorgeous together.