Do redheads date each other?

I recently posted a question on Facebook, because my experience has been that every female and male redhead I have known really don’t seem to date their own kind. Do redheads date each other? I’ve seen a family of gingers walking down the street and people stare as though a herd of tigers were crossing the street. It’s a rare sighting, which got me thinking.

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The question was this:

Why do redheads seem to have an aversion towards one another? Particularly, ginger men with ginger women. I’ve seen some gorgeous redhaired guys, but oddly, we don’t seem to attract one another. True or false?


Many responded with a simple “true” or “false” but some responded more thoughtfully, and I wanted to share.


True – although I really wasn’t attracted to red headed men at all now that I am older I find that I am.


This is true. I think redheaded females like having the 2% card. If we marry a redhead, we lose some of our individual uniqueness and just become a “redheaded couple”. For me, I’m attracted to dark skin, dark hair so that’s why I’ll never date or marry a redhead. Just a personal choice.


They believe it is overwhelming ! and a true ginger, is a rarity, some people like being the only rare fire in the room, surroundings…


People assume a redheaded couple are siblings a lot. That can get pretty tiresome.

What I found from this small sample was that there were consistent themes. Opposites attract for one, second because we are so rare we might appear to be related! Thirdly, we like to bask in our uniqueness? Perhaps we do.