Thinking of going red?

Thinking of going red? I asked my trusted advisor and the most beloved man in my life, my hairdresser of course, if he could share some tips on red hair maintenance. Whether you are a natural redhead trying to maintain your red, or you would like to join the ginger ranks, there are some good tips here to take into consideration.


1. Is there anything different about how you work with red hair vs other hair color? In texture, thickness, etc. 

A: A large percentage of my redhead clients have medium to coarse hair. I have to take this into consideration when it comes to cutting and coloring. If the layering is too short the hair will not lay right and behave very badly, thus becomes unmanageable for the client. And because of the coarser texture, coloring sometimes takes longer and have a harder time penetrating the hair shaft. 

2. Do you think redheads typically get darker with age, or do you see some cases where it lightens up?

A: Not only with red heads, but almost with any other natural colors, they tend to get darker and darker right before they turn gray. Almost like they push all of their natural pigment out for the last Big Bang, then they slowly turn grey. 

3. How difficult is it to duplicate someone’s natural red or does it depend on the shade?

A: I think naturally red hair is the most difficult color to duplicate, because they are not all red, nor all copper, nor gold. Each individual has a combination of multiple red/warm tones. 

4. Is there anything you would recommend for redheads to delay the fading (shampoo, product, etc.)

A: For external prevention: I recommend hair products that have UV protectant for clients who spend time outdoors, and/or heat protectant for clients who use heat styling tools. 

For Internal preparation:  vitamins supplements. As we get older, so does our body. Which means our body doesn’t absorb all the nutrients as it used to. We have to force feed our body all the extra nutrition that it refuses to absorb due to fatigue. 

5. What is the most difficult color to change to red? For instance, if a brunette wanted to go red. 

A: Well, with the right tools and procedures, you can change any color to red. It all depends on the hair’s integrity at the end of the day. For example, if a client had been coloring her hair jet black for years, decides to go strawberry blonde, stripping out all the black dye can be very harsh to the hair cuticles and cortex. In some rare cases this may even cause breakage. A thorough consultation with your hair stylist is always recommended for any color correction. 

6. Do you have a hairstyle that you think is most flattering on a redhead or does it depend on the girl/guy?

A: We are all so unique in our own ways. The ‘perfect hairstyle’ to me is one that maximizes my client’s best features and minimizes his/her flaws and works with their lifestyle.  Whether she/he is a teacher, a mother with 3 kids, or a super hero.

7. Is red hair in demand? Do you have clients asking for it a lot?

A: I have a handful clients that color their hair red.  Red hair demands attention. Literally and figuratively. With the right color she/he can get the world to it’s knees. With that said, red is the most difficult color to maintain. I always warn my clients. It requires a strict home care regimen and regular trips to the salon for routine touch up. 

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